Divinity Foot Care values your health 

in every aspect, so keeping you informed is our priority. We want everyone to ask questions where ever their foot care procedure is done; 

in order to maintain their optimal health

 and prevent contagious diseases. Know 

your information and get the answers 

you truly deserve, visit:


Questions to ask your foot care provider are:

  1. What sterilization process do you use and can I read it?( Is their process high level; step by step, and documented and who created it?) 
  2. Who governs/monitors your sterilization practise/s?(Are they monitored by any governing body, like Public Health Ontario or College of Nurses of Ontario. Not all facilities are required dependent on their practice, example: spa's)
  3.  Do you follow Heath Canada Best Practise Guidelines, which specifies AUTOCLAVING  equipment is the method for sterilization of equipment. When autoclaving is done is the guidelines followed precisely. Ex: each set of equipment is contained within it's own sterilization bag.
  4. If cold soaking equipment; What Chemicals do you use to sterilize and what type is it?
    (Some germicidal agents can be precipice with the type of micro-organism/s it destroys. Some destroy only blood-borne pathogens, fungal, and more. The most effective one is a germicide)
  5.  How often do you sterilize your instruments?
    (Any instrument/s should NEVER go from client to client, they should be highly sterilized after one client has used them. Transference of a micro-organism is high if not done properly).
  6. How long do you sterilize your instruments for?
    (There is a time span instruments must be kept within the germicide for. If a healthcare provider is aware a certain type of micro-organism has touched the instrument; example: fungal, then an instrument must stay in germicide for a certain amount of time) .

  1. If you have concerns after asking these general questions or you provider has not answered your questions fully, keep in mind your health could be at risk. Your health is your responsibility to protect and a very serious matter. Precautions need to be in place to prevent your exposure to micro-organisms and personal protective equipment (PPE) should be worn by your footcare provider so you don't become a carrier.



  • Divinity Foot Care ensures that your safety is one of our top priorities. Our equipment is highly sterilized to prevent blood borne and other contagious pathogens from coming in contact with you. Following  Health Canada's best practise guidelines is seriously maintained within our practise.


  1. Pre-clean instruments immediately after use following product instructions(ex: PREempt Wash, Cuts-it-Gel etc.)
  2. Remove instruments from pre-clean solution and rinse with distilled water.
  3. Place instruments into ultrasonic cleaner. 
  4. Using distilled water, rinse and brush off all debris and pre-clean solution.
  5. Lay the wet instruments on clean, dry towels.
  6. Once the instruments are completely dry, place them in sterilization pouches.
  7. Document date, time and kit number on sterilization pouch, using autoclavable pen.
  8. Load the autoclave with the sterilization pouches, making sure the pouch placed in the center of the autoclave has a sterilization strip inside. Run the autoclave as per the instruction manual.
  9. Document in binder;  time, date and kit number. Attach test strip 5 where recordings are.

  •  When handling tools & solutions always use personal protection equipment. (gloves & masks 
  • Remember to wipe down storage containers/tool box after each use



  • Fungal infections can be contagious; sometimes spread through contaminated instruments, foot baths and areas another infected person has been. A Fungal infection gets in through cracks in your skin, causing thickening and discoloration of your nail/s. Fungus thrives with warm and damp areas, which is sometimes common with feet. Fungal Infections should be dealt with as soon as noticed as the infection can spread to other toenails or fingernails.

  • Protect yourself by asking questions and not going barefoot in public places. Wearing swim shoes when walking on pool deck, in public showers and prevent sharing jet filled foot baths can help you say: NO FUNGAL FOR ME!